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Introduction to the Pre-Construction Industry

Introducing the Industry 

Everyone knows that Real Estate deals with the selling and buying of houses, land and buildings. Due to the fact that as a real estate agent you can sell different things, and they are complex, agents specialize in different sectors of real estate. Here are the top things that real estate agents specialize in. 

Retail or Resale Agents.

Retail agents sell/buy houses and apartments that have already been built. Someone most likely already owns the house/ apartment. 

Commercial Real Estate Agent.

Commercial real estate agents specialize in buying and selling properties for business.Maybe someone needs to sell a store, or a parking lot, or a warehouse. 

Pre-Construction Real Estate Agents

These agents specialize in selling properties that haven’t been built yet. Clients are buying an apartment or a house from the builder. The builder doesn’t want to deal with selling the units, so they work with real estate agents to sell the units. 

As an agent you can still sell all three.*

When buying a pre-construction unit, the builder name is very important. Builders are known for building good buildings. People will often choose to buy a building, depending on who is building it. 

Pre Construction Explained Further

How do people buy a building that is not being built?

The builders create very powerful illustrations (pictures) of what the building is going to look like inside and out. These pictures generated from softwares look almost real and it is very hard to tell if they are actual photos or not. They provide photos of inside and outside. 

The builders also provide brochures, floor plans, & videos. These marketing materials are then given to real estate agents to use to try and get clients who might have an interest in.

Real Estate Agents use these materials to create landing pages (Websites). Once the landing page is built, then they spend money on ads to try to get people to go on the website and fill out the form. Once they fill out the form, then they typically give them a call to see if they are interested in buying a place in that project.

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