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How to Setup Google Tag Manager


As businesses continue to expand their online presence, the need for efficient data tracking and analysis has become increasingly paramount. With the prominence of online marketing strategies, having a reliable system for managing web tags has never been more crucial. Google Tag Manager emerges as a leading solution, offering a user-friendly interface that enables website owners to effectively add and manage tags without the requirement for extensive coding expertise.

Click “Create Account”

Click the “Account Name” field and give your account a name.

Click this dropdown and select a country of your choice.

Click the “Container name” field and give your container a name. Click “Web” option.

Click “Create”

Accept the terms and conditions

Click “Yes”

Click here to copy tag and paste it to the <head> of the page(s).

Click here to copy tag and paste it to the <body> of the page(s), then click “OK”.

Click “Submit”

Click the “Add a descriptive name” field to give a name to this version. You can also add a description but it’s not necessary.

Click “Publish”

Click “Close screen”

View your active tags.


In conclusion, setting up a new account and container in Google Tag Manager is a pivotal step in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of data tracking and analysis for online businesses. By following the outlined steps and best practices, users can establish a robust tag management system that caters to their specific requirements and objectives. With the comprehensive features and user-friendly interface offered by Google Tag Manager, businesses can streamline their data tracking processes and gain valuable insights into their online performance.

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