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How to Generate Google Leads in Real Estate in 2024

An example of a real estate landing page that will help you generate real estate leads
This image is generated by using AI. Check out this article that can assist you in using AI Tools: Top AI Tools For Real Estate Agents In 2024 & How to Use Them Effectively
  1. Clear Headline: It should quickly tell visitors what the page is about.
  2. Relevant Content: The information should match what the visitor clicked on and be easy to read.
  3. Strong Call-to-Action (CTA): This is a button or link that tells visitors what to do next, like “Buy Now” or “Sign Up.”
  4. Good Design: The page should look nice and professional, with a layout and colors that are easy on the eyes.
  5. Fast Loading: The page should open quickly; slow pages make people leave.
  6. Mobile-Friendly: Many people use phones for the internet, but the page must work well on mobile devices.
  7. Trustworthy: Show things like customer reviews or security badges to make visitors feel safe.
  8. Simple and Clear: Don’t clutter the page. Keep it focused on the main message.
  9. Test and Improve: Try different versions to see what works best and make changes based on what you learn.
  10. Track Performance: Use tools to see how well the page is doing and where you can make it better.

In short, your landing page should quickly grab attention, be easy to understand, and guide visitors to take action. Keep testing and improving it based on feedback and data.

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a real estate lead generation form for a preconstruction projet in toronto
This is the headline of one of the landing pages that we did for pre-construction. You can check out the full landing page at
Google Real Estate Leads vs Facebook real Estate leads
This great article: Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which Should You Be Using?, is a great article to add to your knwolege.

Everything we have covered so far is important when it comes to Google Ads, but just to re-cap what the idea is, it is this. A landing page is designed to have a specific purpose. It is supposed to motivate a certain type of client to fill out the form. After you design the landing page, it doesn’t matter how amazing the landing page is, if no one is going to it, then you will not get leads. You need to drive traffic to it and Google is the best option.

  1. Decide On Lead Type
  2. Identify Their Pain Points
  3. Figure Out What They Could Be Searching On Google
  4. Create Google Ad

The most important thing to know when setting up a Google Ad is to understand that you need to be patient. One of the most common mistakes agents make is that they turn off the ads way too quickly and they keep on making changes. The average click through rate for Google Ads is between 3 to 5%. Read: What is a Good Click-through Rate (CTR) for Google Ads?

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