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Xhulio Vasiu
Founder & CEO

I moved to Canada in 2005 and although I was only 14 at that time, I started to build websites on my spare time, and sell Google Ads. As time went by I got better at them.

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Instahub is an all-in-one business management solution. We make managing your business stress-free and easy by connecting everything in one place. We can connect your Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram & Website in one place.

We can also increase your lead conversions because we have a full and highly customizable CRM. We can capture leads for you from all your lead generation sources such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and your website. We can also set up automatic replies via Text, Email, and Phone Calls to these leads so that not a single opportunity is missed.

With the click of a button, we can get you many Google Reviews. This will increase your business overall and it will have an impact on your Google Search as well.

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We are Specialised in Smart Development!

We are constantly thinking about how we can make your life easier and we continue to improve and introduce new features!

We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, experiences, and amazing campaigns that communicate their vision clearly.

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Frequently Asked

Our combination of integrated technology and Agency-focused licensing has unleashed a world of profitable new service opportunities for Agencies servicing the small business community. It is THE must-have tool for Agencies!

There is no limit to the number of properties you can track. Once you have tracked a property you will be able to track additional properties, make changes to your property relationship and change your primary property.

With the support of our agency, you will know the best strategies the most successful digital marketers are using to make a ton of money online.

With our all-in-one marketing and sales platform, you will be able to keep your tools in one place (while saving a fortune) and streamline your entire delivery process so you can focus on keeping your clients happy.